So…its that time of year again. Hospitality projects striving to be ready for the season, being built in challenging locations in terrible weather. You would think we’d be used to it by now but the mental fortitude required to live in the West of Scotland always leads one to be overly optimistic about the weather. Last year it was The Beast from the East but this year its a quagmire one minute, bone dry the next, followed by gale force winds and now this weekend pushing 20 degrees. Frankly, its now beginning to get a little concerning and it seems like Al Gore was, inconveniently right. So when the sh*t hits the fan at least our new lodges in Invertrossachs have tonnes of chopped and stacked firewood, an independent water supply, plenty of food (wildlife) passing through the site and far enough away from major settlements to be comfortable…Must stop watching the Walking Dead. 

News Dump!

So - we have had a busy few months! We’ve moved office from the less than inspiring environment of the East End of Glasgow to the fresh air of the countryside. We now have a lovely view of Dumgoyne rather than  our former lovely view of the dodgy end of the Gallowgate. Espresso machine installed so do pop in for a coffee if you’re passing.

OFIS unit is now craned into place - we’re now realising how much of a “prototype” it is and how unfit for purpose it actually is. So a bit more waterproofing detail required, a bit more strengthening and a lot more thought into occupant safety! 

Invertrossachs lodges are finally coming out of the ground - if you could call the stirred up brown soup in which they sit “ground”. Now that drier weather is here we are hoping that site operations will become a lot easier. 


We’re always on the lookout for interesting things to do – architecture as a job is only as interesting as you make it…sit staring at a screen all day, drawing door schedules is certainly a part of architecture but it’s a part we actively avoid. Now, persuading one of your clients to buy a silly three storey experimental building, transporting it from London to Balquhidder along an 8-mile single track road and off-loading it with a telehandler plainly too small for the task – we like that! So, we are now contemplating a building that was clearly assembled for show and not for use and we are tasked with turning it into an upscale hotel room, safe for users to navigate after a six-course dinner and making it capable of withstanding a highland’s winter (it was designed for the much friendly climes of Milan and Ljubianja). So that means a proper staircase, heating and a luxury bathroom – all for end of March please? Who said this job was boring?

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