Sun Shining - at last

It’s been a miserable and wet winter and I’ve spent far too much time standing outside in the mud, rain and sleet – but its funny how a week or two of good weather and all of that is forgotten. Spring / Summer 2022 brings a lot of project delivery as well as a lot of projects being tee’d up for next year. We have Dulat House, Millburn House, The Outlaw Lodge and Bothan na Sroine all on-site and aiming for summer/autumn completions. We have Dualt House going through planning, Arcadia Artist’s Residence getting ready to go into planning and we’re still figuring out Little Duchray – so there’s a lot to do and not enough hands. With that in mind we are now looking for a Part 2 or recently qualified Part 3 to join the team. The work is very diverse, the atmosphere very relaxed and the coffee is great! Watch this space for more details and a properly worded job description in the next few weeks. 

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