Is it winter again!

Now that winter is upon us and we’re back to being knee deep in mud (but free of midges!) it’s the all too familiar “get it finished by Christmas” self-imposed deadline bearing down upon us. The prevailing conditions in the construction industry are some of the strangest I have ever encountered – a glut of work, no shortage of projects in the pipeline yet dire economic predictions and rampant inflation surround us. Its extremely hard to judge where this will land but one thing that seems to be constant: there is a critical labour shortage everywhere. Linearchitecture is currently short-handed, all our currently engaged contractors are struggling for workers, deliveries are taking longer, lead times are extending and don’t get me started on the lack of people in statutory authorities! With no end in sight to the poor political leadership afflicting this country or any end in sight to the wilding fluctuating material pricing I suspect we just have to accept it and get the heads down and carry on.
So in that vein it’s a good time to review what’s coming up. Arcadia House in Dryen has been approved for planning, our cycling bothies in Aberfoyle are still labouring though planning but we expect to get these delivered in the first phase for summer 2023, our trio of big houses will be finished by mid-February with one more starting in January. We are having a go at a large housing scheme in the Highlands and Achara House is inching towards the home straight. So as ever, it’s a very mixed bag…our unwritten corporate motto: Never be Boring.  

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