Trying not to Ruin it part 2

Well here’s our first pass at saving a 125 year old Tin Tabernacle - some external modifications using the same fenestration pattern as the rest of the church but subtly changing the proposition of the windows and adding a central rose window to the front elevation. It may “only” be C Listed but these little pre-fab gems have been unfairly overlooked and so few are left we are determined not to ruin this one by going all interventionist with it. The majority of the work is inserting an entirely new structure within - time will tell how well that works. We’ll keep you posted.  

Always send a professional…

Our last post was celebrating our recently completed steel frame for the Bothy at Monachyle Beag…but a cameraphone doesn’t really cut it! Always send a professional - in this case Ross Campbell who takes all of our Scottish photos.

Framed Views…or views blocked by a frame

The structural frame of the Monachyle Beag Bothy is now finally up - and even though our finished article will be almost invisible due to its materiality…there’s no hiding a massive shiny silver frame on a bottle green mountainside. We have always enjoyed taking in the spectacular panoramas from up at the site but now we are enjoying playing “who-can-spot-the-big-shiny-baptist-church-from-furthest-away”. Structural frames always look great, they’re pure engineering and its always a wee bit of a shame to cover them up, but at least large parts of this frame will still be visible when we’re finished. 

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