what we do

Linearchitecture is a creative and practical architecture and design consultancy working across Scotland and Ireland helping individuals and organisations realise creative built projects. We have extensive experience across a wide range of sectors but particularly specialise in residential, tourism, hospitality and temporary design projects.

We work with a diverse group of specialist consultants and contractors to ensure that whatever the scale or complexity, we will always have the correct expertise to deliver your project.

what we think

We have included a few thoughts below regarding what commissioning an architect may mean for clients and what it means for us – this is by no means an exhaustive manifesto, just some thoughts on what it is we do and how we could help you. 


What do you want? What can we do for you? What's your idea? This is where it all starts - come to us with your idea, speak to us about it, scribble something, point at something - you get the idea? Your idea is the starting point; you come to us for our ideas but first we need yours. Creating something is always a team effort and we cant do it without you.

Concepts and possibilities.

Decades of thinking in three dimensions, imagining what's possible, considering whats practical, testing methods, examining mistakes and celebrating successes means we can see possibility, opportunity and delight where others maybe cannot. We live and breathe creating spaces, forms and details.

It’s yours, it’s not ours

When it comes to architecture, all projects are unique, all contexts are different and all clients are individuals with very specific needs and wants. It’s your project, it’s not ours. It’s our job to give you what you want - not impose what we think you need. You come to us to harness our ideas, not lose your own in the process.

Cost, budget, money, funds…

This is what makes projects and what breaks projects - wasting our client’s money is not something we ever do, adding value to your project is what we consider to be our prime directive. What is our definition of value; getting more for less. Whether that means more space, more delight, more numbers, more time or more energy depends on the project.

Less is not more - less is just less.

It’s about building things...

Ultimately we're here to build something for you, to make something, to alter and amend something...to make (y)our mark. Thinking, planning and designing are all very well but if they are not backed up with an inventive, practical and construction minded approach then it’s all just theory.

The science, craft and art of building things is central to what we do.

The power of I and the strength of we

Architecture and design need not involve many people, technology and a sharp grasp of its potential allows individuals and small organisations to thrive. We don't take on many projects every year and we can guarantee you our undivided attention. However building things involves a great many people - We have deep working relationships with a wide spectrum of construction industry professionals from surveyors to engineers, planners to hydrologists. We also pride ourselves on developing those same, enduring working relationships with suppliers, contractors and craftsmen...after all we don't build it - they do.

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