Its snowing

The last update was in the middle of summer - its now December and the first snow has fallen and everything is still uncertain. Linearchitecture soldiers on – we’ve even taken on a new member of staff so I suppose that’s a positive! We also have a lot of things on;  some on site, some getting near to a site start. So confidence still seems high but everyone is bracing themselves for rocketing building costs come January and the idiotic economic self harm being inflicted upon all of us. 

2021 is looking like our busiest year yet with lots of exciting projects coming to fruition – so while everything is telling me to be pessimistic and brace for impact – all seems fine so far and I’m not yet having to break out the Irish Passport and flee the country. 

Picture shows our office in the foreground – and shows that we also have a new toy! 

The New Normal (much like the old normal)

My last post was pre-lockdown and I have, like the rest of you, been scrambling about to make sense of what I’m being told is “the new normal” (usually by people who had no idea what the old normal was ). The last few months have been a difficult juggling act of trying to manage remote working with the added complication of being one of two parents that have continuing jobs and two pre-school children requiring daily education, stimulation and occupation. I am very glad I moved our office to within sight of where I live up here in Killearn which has allowed me to continue working with minimal interruption – albeit at a much (much!) slower pace than usual and in shifts with my better half. Pretty much all of our projects are still proceeding as before, so there has been no chance to slow down too much. We’re busy with two large new houses, three lodges in various remote locations and a myriad of small jobs from people who have been trapped in their houses for three months and realise they don’t like them very much. Remote working with Lewis has been successful enough to not see any reason to return to compulsory office hours – however we are both back in the office at least a couple of days a week for now. I will start posting more regularly now I’m officially back at work – call if you need anything!

2020s growing list of things to do…

So 2020 has a lot going on - and as usual no unifying themes. Above is a small selection of projects with passable CGIs that are currently undergoing detail design for 2020 site starts - We have an invisible bothy, a monopitch lodge, a disused public toilet in the east end  being converted into a mock hebridean croft, another large lodge with yet another sedum roof, a very large house with a lot of stonework and (guess what?)  another lodge with another sedum roof. On top of all this there is the old tin tabernacle and its new modern twin, some listed building renovations, some large domestic remodels/refurbishments and plenty of feasibility works. As architects are the canary in the coalmine for economic downturns - I don’t think we’ve hit gas yet (but one should never tempt fate, so I’m still perfecting my barista skills on the big Gaggia!) 

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