Sun Shining - at last

It’s been a miserable and wet winter and I’ve spent far too much time standing outside in the mud, rain and sleet – but its funny how a week or two of good weather and all of that is forgotten. Spring / Summer 2022 brings a lot of project delivery as well as a lot of projects being tee’d up for next year. We have Dulat House, Millburn House, The Outlaw Lodge and Bothan na Sroine all on-site and aiming for summer/autumn completions. We have Dualt House going through planning, Arcadia Artist’s Residence getting ready to go into planning and we’re still figuring out Little Duchray – so there’s a lot to do and not enough hands. With that in mind we are now looking for a Part 2 or recently qualified Part 3 to join the team. The work is very diverse, the atmosphere very relaxed and the coffee is great! Watch this space for more details and a properly worded job description in the next few weeks. 

New Year - Same Old

Every New Year – without fail, people make firm decisions. Those decisions – in building terms usually mean Go! They rarely mean Whoa! So naturally we are swamped with clients wanting their projects to get out of the New Year blocks running. This New Year is suffering from a large pent-up demand for construction starts. Last year we were still in a lockdown of sorts and any delays caused by that and holdouts waiting for material prices to drop are all, quite rightly, very keen to start. We now have a severe shortage of trained construction staff right across the industry and this is not going to improve in the short term (or even the medium term) so the issues of last year’s material price inflation have now merely been replaced with labour cost inflation. I have always told clients that there is no optimum time to start a project – just look around, assess the market, budget for the hurdles…and get cracking!

Summer of Shortage

Summer 2021 has been a bit of a varied and fast changing picture. The construction industry kept ticking over all through the lockdowns – but burst back into life in a big way in late spring/early summer 2021. That either coincided with or directly caused a serious drought in materials and resultant spikes in prices. This has been the defining background to the summer – which is traditionally a quiet period in terms of construction starts. For us, we saw the completion of a few projects that had kept us busy over the last 6-8 months: New hotel rooms at Monachyle Mhor, Mavie Mill Cottage and the An Bothan lodge. However, things are really beginning to ramp up now – and our workload is bursting at the seams. The Outlaw lodge has started on-site with a 100 cubic metre concrete pour, the walled garden houses are starting to mobilise for construction access (ie how do we get piling rigs in!) and we are very close to closing the door to any new lodges/bothies/cabins as we have five different schemes now at design stage. However, as is always the case – drop by the Mill for a coffee and a chat if you’ve got an idea!

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