Definitely don’t ruin it!

So 2017 is starting with two Grade 2 Listed projects - however while Achara House is complex it is thankfully quite small. This project on the other hand is not small - Its the old District Court building on Turnbull Street in Glasgow’s Merchant City - Also known as the Old Central Police Station. This Dickensian courthouse, police station, prison and piece of Glaswegian social history is overdue a rebirth as a vibrant, mixed use development. We have already trawled the Mitchell and marveled at how drawings used to be done - and marveled how such a building was laid out in the 1900’s - kennels, stables, lots of bars and plenty of rank distinction. Emily Pankhurst was locked up here for a wee bit and it has seen everything from troops mustering for the Battle of George Square to weekly petty court sessions up until 2008. It is an extremely robust building, solid brick and steel/iron frame and it is brimming with historic detail despite its use until very recently as a public building. We’re really looking forward to getting started with this in January

Don’t ruin it!

Achara House - Duror. This Grade 2 Listed Lorimer-inspired house has had a summer of unplanned but very comprehensive fabric repairs. Now 2017 is upon us its time to start developing the building into a high end (albeit small) hotel. Extending the building is a delicate exercise as so many Scottish country houses have been ruined by conversions to hospitality use and we are being given a doubly tough brief that the conversion should be fully and easily refocused back to a modern country house if required. Highland Council seem happy with our initial proposal…so some speedy development work needed for a late January detailed planning submission.. 


Our Mhor Micro project was recognised last night at the annual GIA Awards ceremony where it won the Small Project category and it capped off a quite amazing project that went from gestation to completion in just over three months. It was a project where everyone who contributed to it was instrumental in its success and everyone who bought into the concept has been enthused with the possibilities going forward.

We look forward to what we’re going to do for the 2017 Mhor Festival – but hopefully based on the success of this year’s project we might be able to tap up a few more sponsors!

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