More odd shapes in the landscape

A lot of our work is in the tourism sector, and a lot of it is located in remote parts of Scotland (…remote if you’re from Glasgow). There has been a sharp interest from land and business owners in these locations to provide innovative and one-off accommodation to satisfy market demand. Plenty of people have opined that the rise of the “camping pod” is a bubble that will result in gross over supply and lots of empty rooms. My opinion would be that the Scottish rural economy has been so under-developed for decades, relying on a very narrow range of visitors that either came to shoot the wildlife or see none of it from a coach. Neither demograph spending much time or more critically, much money in the wider rural economy. The sudden opening up of the landscape through the 2006 Land Reform (Scotland) Act has merely allowed the Scottish rural economy to begin to catch up with its European rivals - and lets not forget that tourism is a competitive game. A recent trip to the West coast of Ireland shows how far Scotland has to go to develop their tourism industry – Scotland has some of the best scenery in the world, some of the best food, drink and hospitality – it just needs people out there enjoying it and then telling all their friends…and they all need somewhere spectacular to stay. Which brings me on to our next project, pictured below. Its a series of architecturally one-off lodges located up in the tree canopy looking our over the Scottish landscape – we’ll not say where for now as we are in the pre-app process but lets just say that it’s a stunning location - and before anyone else says it, a tip of the hat to one of my favourite buildings; The Goulding House by Ronnie Tallon

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