Clients and Hospitality

A couple of hospitality projects we have been working on recently are now open and trading successfully - Gather by Zique and the Bakery by Zique, both in Hyndland and both very much a product of the client/owner/proprietor’s force of will and imagination. Mhairi is always a joy to work with and suits our somewhat informal approach to these kinds of projects…whether it be these two distinctive businesses, Cottonrake or the soon to open 5March - it is the business owners that drive the concepts and agonize over every detail  - what we tend to do is the initial spatial concepts - the flow and  dwell of customers. Then its the  nitty gritty spatial arrangements of squeezing big bulky catering and refrigeration equipment into tiny spaces to maximize the valuable floor-space and get more bums on seats. Then we get all of the required statutory permissions and are on call to quickly design small details, interfaces and finishes. We’ll certainly give our opinion on concepts/finishes/details and colours but our role is to support our clients in refining and delivering their concepts…these are always highly personal businesses and should always be a true reflection of the person behind them - not the whim of a designer. Its the client’s passion that makes these businesses what they are - not who they hire to draw stuff!

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