2020s growing list of things to do…

So 2020 has a lot going on - and as usual no unifying themes. Above is a small selection of projects with passable CGIs that are currently undergoing detail design for 2020 site starts - We have an invisible bothy, a monopitch lodge, a disused public toilet in the east end  being converted into a mock hebridean croft, another large lodge with yet another sedum roof, a very large house with a lot of stonework and (guess what?)  another lodge with another sedum roof. On top of all this there is the old tin tabernacle and its new modern twin, some listed building renovations, some large domestic remodels/refurbishments and plenty of feasibility works. As architects are the canary in the coalmine for economic downturns - I don’t think we’ve hit gas yet (but one should never tempt fate, so I’m still perfecting my barista skills on the big Gaggia!) 

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