2019 works

A lot of our projects that are coming up for construction design and moving onto site are all in the tourism/hospitability sectors and therefore need to be ready for the 2019 season…which, needless to say, doesn’t leave us a whole lot of time! The project shown here has recently been granted planning permission and will be moving through the next stage of statutory approvals as fast as we can drag it – and unsurprisingly this desire for speed is something that influences the detailed design. With this project we are trying to create a very low impact tourist development that will be part of a small scale re-wilding process where the rest of the site will be cleared of invasive species and replanted with a mix of native woodland species. This re-wilding process is going to be somewhat disrupted by a 20 ton digger rolling around the site as well as endless concrete pours and heavy material drops. Therefore, we are going to try and move forward with a very low impact, driven foundation solution that will mean no concrete, no rising walls and hopefully a working platform with a week or two. Unusually for us – the entire building will be timber with only a few essential bits of steel – so a little bit more experimentation that we’re used to (or necessarily happy with!) but difficult sites call for simple solutions…

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