In the Trees

The project searching for a name now seems to have a name: In the Trees. This three storey experimental building was bought on eBay after a lengthy stint in London, Ljubljana and Milan. It appeared on a George Clark’s Amazing Spaces and was hailed as a future model for urban living.  That last statement is somewhat delusional as only someone very small, sober and lonely would want to live in a 22 sq M three storey tower with ladder access between floors and a tiny stainless steel toilet / shower cubicle that was straight from Wormwood Scrubs. Also that imaginary diminutive urban dweller would have to place his “LivingUnit” somewhere it didn’t rain…and seeing as it has now landed in one of the wettest corners of western Europe - some re-configuring was on the cards. I’ll detail the whole saga in a later post when we are finally finished but suffice to say; its been a challenge moving, locating, extending and re-configuring this structure for regular, repeated use. In the Trees is now fully waterproof, has a discrete extension with a proper bathroom and most importantly it now has a proper, usable staircase. As it is to function as an annex bedroom to the renowned Monachyle Mhor Hotel it is being fitted out to a high-end hospitality standard  and will be available to rent from the end of July 2019. Watch this space!

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