We’re always on the lookout for interesting things to do – architecture as a job is only as interesting as you make it…sit staring at a screen all day, drawing door schedules is certainly a part of architecture but it’s a part we actively avoid. Now, persuading one of your clients to buy a silly three storey experimental building, transporting it from London to Balquhidder along an 8-mile single track road and off-loading it with a telehandler plainly too small for the task – we like that! So, we are now contemplating a building that was clearly assembled for show and not for use and we are tasked with turning it into an upscale hotel room, safe for users to navigate after a six-course dinner and making it capable of withstanding a highland’s winter (it was designed for the much friendly climes of Milan and Ljubianja). So that means a proper staircase, heating and a luxury bathroom – all for end of March please? Who said this job was boring?

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